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LX Dump Style Body


The LX body also offers a light weight yet durable body solution.  The LX body offers a side wall to floor radius of 12” thus providing a 60” flat surface.  The radius in this body allows for material to flow out faster and easier.  Constructed with high quality AR450 steel plate and a crossmemberless understructure, the LX style body offers a tough, high quality smooth side, light weight dump body option.



  • Electric Tarp System
  • Abrasion Resistant Steel
  • Steerable Lift Axles
  • High-Lift Tailgate/Two Way Gate or Swing Gate
  • Offset Cabshields
  • Inverted Top Rail Angle
  • Chrome S-Pipe or Elbow Exhaust
  • Diamond Plate



  • High-Lift Tailgate
  • Flat Floor – 60”
  • 12” Side Wall to Floor Radius
  • LED Lights
  • All Steel Construction – No Castings
  • Refined Rear Hinge Bracket

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